Fast blind sketches with brief tall tales by David Wills.

Bearded Blokes

The first of five themed sets of seven A6 prints, Bearded Blokes features hirsute fellows from Down Under right up to the northern hemisphere. Grab a set for yourself or a friend! See all sets.

The Blink story

On a slow Australian workday commute between Newcastle’s Civic and the university at Warabrook, I idly drew the intriguing characters I saw en route.

Barely looking at the paper produced amusing results and quirky personalities. Within minutes our paths diverged but Blink was born.

So enchanted with the distraction I took to naming each unsuspecting muse and fabricating a life tale to suit. The story so far.

Which set will you choose?

Blink: Fast blind sketches with brief tall tales. © David Wills 2019.